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Dear Friends,

I want to apologize for not having sent out a message yesterday. I had a case of the stomach flu and was truly down and out. I appreciate Big G for stepping in and handling the board so I could call in and Dan Gainor for doing the heavy lifting on the show. I gave it a shot this morning and by the second half hour was not sure I would make it. If you missed the program Alison Howard came on with me in the first half hour to debunk the accusations that conservatives are carrying on a war on women. It was a lively discussion and you can hear it at the link provided. I also had Kevin Potts from Cross Trail Outfitters and youth focused ministry that uses nature to introduce Jesus to young men and build their relationship with God. Here is a link to the program in case you missed it:

We now move on to Friday and we begin by pulling back the curtain with Don Jans. The recent article in the New Yorker entitled Going the Distance is filled with anecdotes that are designed to give us their impression of the resident. He is really not for Executive orders, he only considers them as a last resort. He is painted on that score as having written the fewest of the modern presidential era behind George H W Bush and they are called mild. Attacking the second amendment is apparently not a problem in their book. Whether it is Education, Health Care, the Automotive Industry, Food Production or Banking the federal encroachment in these areas has been proof of the true intent of this resident. This article simply outlines what the left wants us to believe. Don and I will continue to make his real goals apparent.

On the second half of the program I will be joined for A Dose of the Ghost by Jennifer LeClaire, News Editor of Charisma Magazine. This week a historic debate took place between Ken Hamm and Bill Nye. We will discuss the implications of that. Also the Resident made an appearance at the annual prayer breakfast. Did he pray that the sins of the nation be forgiven? Did he repent for the funding of the death of millions of infants? Did he renounce his support of sodomic marriage? Did he ask forgiveness in America’s role under his direction of the slaughter of thousands of Christians in Syria, Egypt and Iran? The murder of American border patrol and Mexicans at the border by guns supplied to drug dealers by Fast and Furious? Denying the rights of Home schoolers and asylum to a persecuted German family because he believes home School is detrimental to our society? He spoke of the importance of religious freedom. Here is a man who says he supports freedom of religion yet the attacks against Christianity in the public sphere and in the military are greater today than in any time ever in American history. When will the church call out the great liar and chief for his obvious lies and wretched behavior? Yes it makes me sick that this continues and the church remains silent. Every pulpit across America should decry this man who refused to allow the National Day of Prayer and yet touts his “freedom of religion.” Who supports everything that the bible decries as abominations while pretending to be “christian”.

My prayer is that he will come to true faith and have an encounter with Jesus Christ. That the aforementioned list of items for repentance would be nationally addressed and that he would lead this nation back to the bible and it’s constitutional roots. For one to repent they must be faced with the truth. David sinned with Bathsheba and had Uriah the Hittite murdered. Did David repent? We say yes, but we forget that he did not voluntarily do so. In fact he was celebrating a coming child and took his adultress into his palace. He made no effort to seek God’s forgiveness only to try to hide his evil. When that did not work he went further and committed murder. It was not until Nathan visited him and told him a parable that he decried as evil and wicked and deserving of death that he awoke. It was only when he realized that sinner was him that he repented and saved a nation. If Nathan had not gone in obedience to the Lord and called him out, would David have confessed his sin? When will the Nathan’s arise and call this man to repentance? If the manifold wisdom of God is to be revealed through the church to the world should it not be done here in America, a nation founded on the truth of the bible? This is why I am so heavily burdened, not because I lack love but for exactly the opposite reason. I do not wish to see Barak Obama burn in hell for eternity. God desires that all would be saved even him. Saul murdered Christians, remember? He was truly evil to the churches and did so in religious piety believing he was right. Yet God used Saul/Paul as the greatest evangelist who ever lived. Let us pray that this man turn his heart to the Lord. If he will not after he has heard the truth repent and turn, then God will rent this nation from his hands, for it is His nation and He shall have it. As God used Samuel to rent the kingdom from King Saul so shall it be done.

I have written numerous times about the opportunities that this show has been given. Open doors that are waiting to be walked through. As I shared just Monday, KERV 1230 has another hour coming available starting March 4th that I am confident God has called Chosen Generation to take. This will give us a two hour program and already my guest list is getting excited. Next Thursday as an example I will have two very exciting guests. First, have you wondered what is really going on at our borders? Not just what the main stream media wants you to believe or the liberal and republican sell outs in Washington. How serious is the threat at our border? Well I will be joined next week by a gentleman who over sees feet on the ground individuals week in and week out who know exactly what we are facing and why. Also, you have read some headlines of the attack against our veterans by this administration. I will have someone who is in the middle of the fight and can give us a first hand look at this situation. These are the kinds of guests that the main stream media will not air and the information they do not want you to know. One other piece of information that you might want to know, if you listened today you heard it. The San Antonio City Council met today to allocate $900,000 for chemical abortifacients, Depo Provera and Nexplanon, to be given out through Adolescent Health Services to Medicaid for poor girls in San Antonio. You can be certain that Hill Country girls will be getting their hands on this as well since the abortion mills are catering to the Hill Country clientèle.

These are stories that need to be told through a biblical lens that offers the truth and the solution. I was contacted today by KSLR 630 AM in San Antonio with a new opportunity that is the best yet. They really want the program and have offered to give me a prime time daily spot for just $100 per hour. With additional expenses I can do this for $2500 a month to start. So between the additional opportunity to expand on KERV and this opportunity I need to find 70 people who will commit to $50 a month for a year. I believe there are businesses that want to reach the San Antonio market and support getting this message out that will partner with me thus reducing the need for individual donors.

Let me close with this. Tonight I received an email outlining the plan that Jeremy Bird has put together to turn Texas blue. Jeremy Bird was the National Field Director of the 2012 Reelection Campaign of Obama. He helped turn Colorado and Virginia blue and he is here in Texas mobilizing and organizing to get Texas. Rick Perry beat Bill White by only 600,000 votes in 2010. At that time Texas was firmly conservative. We did not have a federal law suit to overturn Texas constitutional Amendment on marriage, our house and senate had not paved the way for Bill White to out fundraise Rick Perry as they have with Wendy Davis and which she has done to Greg Abbott. We did not have a federal law suit trying to over turn a legally passed and legislated law on protecting women from slaughter house abortion clinics and babies over twenty weeks old in the womb. We did not have the lies associated with our borders and the potential threat to our state from Other than Mexicans crossing our borders. The Islamic threat where in they have declared they need not follow our laws. And they did not have the federal attacks against our voter ID laws which will allow them to recruit unregistered voters, use poll intimidation in the inner cities and generally truly to manipulate the Texas vote. Not to mention that much of our supposed majority in the texas House has voted with the Democrats the past two years and the Senate leadership is what set up Wendy Davis to be where she is. None of this is news folks, I have been talking about this for months now and begging for some financial assistance to spread the word. Do you really want what has happened in California happening here? Do you really want our textbooks inundated with liberal theology? Do you want your business shut down due to fines because you won’t openly post a sign that says you support same sex marriage? Abortion? Your children removed from your home because you choose to home school? This already happened in Texas and if you listened to my show you would know about it. But how many do not and so will remain apathetic believing that it could not possibly happen in Texas. Please help me so we can get the word out. As Texas goes in the election cycle so will go the nation. You can support me by going to the secure donation button at the web site and setting up a monthly donation or you can send a check to Family Christian Center PO Box 3393 Bandera Texas 78003. You can also help by telling your friends to listen in. This can be done both live at 1230 AM on your dial or at www.KERV1230.com and listen live or at your convenience at www.pastporgregyoung.org by clicking on the all episodes link in the Chosen Generation box on the front page of the site. Remember together we can turn this thing around.

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  1. Pablo Hernandez says:

    Blessings dear Brother!.. I think so many people have been praying for the president, and other good bunch have been very vocal about his poor performance as president. Some even has suggested impeachment. Mr. Obama has been deaf to all of this. It seems he does not care. He even threat congress and people of his same party. How should we address our prayers now? To be dispose? Keep praying for his heart to be turned to God? He does not seem to have any affection to the Christian community.
    You have a very interesting and intelligent article here. Congratulations dear Pastor!!
    your brother in Christ, Pablo.

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