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#UsefulIdiots #MarxistClowns #AlinskyTrolls Don Jans joins Pastor Greg as we attempt to educate the masses on the deception that is #BLM and the other “Social Justice” organizations of the left with their efforts to subvert the Constitution and the Republic.

#LameDuckAgenda Tim Constantine host of the Capitol Hill Show joins Pastor Greg with a look at what is happening while no one is looking in this lame duck session. How much more American carnage will there be and who is working to stop it? Also, @TimConstantine1 talking about the internet being blocked in different places of the world! #InternetFreedom, #FreeSpeechGone Internet abandonment will lead silence on the web and talking about what’s happening in the beltway!

#BoycottNFL NFL Fans fed up with the Liberal Agenda Burgess Owens author, Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps, weighs in on the use of the NFL as a propaganda tool and its influence by Executive Director NFLPA Demaurice Smith. Get Burgess Book here!

#BigGayInc Peter LaBarbera American For Truth About Homosexuality joins Pastor Greg to discuss the latest from HRC, APA concedes there is no natural proclivity to homosexual behavior.

What is Newt Gingrich doing as the Key Note Speaker at the Republican Log Cabin Conference.

Noon EDT Today!

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