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JoAnn Flemming and Dale Huls joined Pastor Greg Young at Ignite the Fire in Kerrville Texas on July 30, 2015. On July 3rd a letter was sent to Gov Greg Abbott, Lt Gov Dan Patrick, AG Ken Paxton and Speaker Joe Strauss asking what they intended to do about the sovereignty of Texas which was attacked if not destroyed by the SCOTUS decision on June 26, 2015. Also, asking why the State of Texas was paying for same sex benefits through ERS, The UT System, The GBP system. Why are they claiming that Texas is about defending religious liberties, while warning Texas employees that their religious beliefs will not be defended by the State but rather they will have to seek outside council because the State of Texas will prosecute their “civil disobedience”. I will add to that, if Texas is for Religious Liberties then where is the protection for bakers, photographers, florists, adoption agencies, printers, wedding chapels or retreat centers? Why are Marriage Certificates changed to reflect Person 1 and Person 2 et all? Why is Texas Health and Human Services removing Father and Mother from the Birth Certificate forms? Why hasn’t the Governor or Lt Governor made a statement in support of Christian Values and stopped the coalescing of the State of Texas to the unconstitutional decision by SCOTUS? Finally, how does the Governor go on national TV and say the border is secure when illegal immigration continues to rise in numbers and a recent story shows that we have lost America put to 70 miles this side of the border? If you think that Texas is secure and your liberties are being protected, you must wake up to the reality that we in Texas are sliding down the slippery slope. Tune in here to listen to JoAnn Fleming Grassroots America and Dale Huls Tea Party leader:


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