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In 2009 Henry Kissinger was interviewed by CNN on the Wall Street trading floor. He opined that the Obama Administration was in a prime position to intorduce a New World Order. Recent events would tend to further advance this idea. From the Director of the CIA Leon Panetta seeking council from the United Nations as to whether Congress should enact war against Libya to the US President thanking the citizens of Mexico for their votes for him as President. The abusive use of power in the last election by turning the IRS on political interests and non profits that were speaking against this regime. All of this points to the direction we are headed in and the danger that we face.
Have you heard of HR 347? This law the National Defense Resource Preparedness Act,threat.http://jonathanturley.org/2012/03/03/imprecise-language-and-the-risks-of-h-r-347/ notice again the subterfuge use of the Defense of America as the guise, attempts to make protests illegal. If you will remember the Tea Party was hosting rallies during the 2012 election campaign to help make people aware of the nefarious activities of this administration.
Let me say this clearly, I am not anti government, I am against men usurping powers that do not belong to them and attempting to propel themselves into positions relegated only for God. By assuming dictatorial powers and demanding that we lay down our rights and become subservient to these masters and renounce our true allegiances to the one true God they make themselves out to be something they are not and can never be. Such is the same activities from the serpent of old. Bow down and worship me and all of these kingdoms I will give to you. Nothing has changed as the same spirit that tempted Jesus Christ is controlling and manipulating our leaders today. It is not the government I contend with but rather with the men and the spirit which controls them.
Now back to the rallies, it was at that time that the Occupy movement attempted to gain a foothold on the protest landscape. Headlines were grabbed and suddenly they were the ones that had it right and the Tea Party were the painted as the thugs in order to give the media the ability to destroy the movement that was developing. Evil was a word associated with the Tea Party while the Occupy movement was glorified for their efforts to expose the evil free market system. Into this environment an even more sinister plot was emerging. the birthing of the justification of HR 347. This of course does not even touch on the illegal use of the IRS to clamp down on and render ineffective the Tea Parties by calling into question their structure and drying up their very life blood through strangling contributions to an apparent illegally formed entity. Those fears caused many to stop funding these groups. Then the vilification began in earnest in the mass media. All of this created the smoke screen necessary to cover this Emergency Powers Act for the purpose of gainng more control over the masses.
The resigning of the National Defense Authorization Act, again note the use of military and defense as the ruse to justify the means, more popularly known as NDAA http://socyberty.com/issues/ndaa-s-1867-signed-into-law-by-obama/ with the inclusion of the indefinite detention clause without warrant and without any fourth amendment protections once again allows for US Citizens to be stripped of their rights if this administration chooses to consider the offender a threat.http://www.policymic.com/articles/22288/ndaa-2013-allows-indefinite-detention-of-u-s-citizens-by-president
And finally this bit of information, which brings this whole business right to our front doors. Mother Jones reports that the President has taken the power to make lethal strikes against US citizens on US soil using military asset. http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2013/03/obama-admin-says-it-can-use-lethal-force-against-americans-us-soil
So many recent events continue to bolster these concerns and as we as Christians must face these threats this administrations continued funding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt where over a thousand Christians are dying each day while now starting to insist that something be done to stop the Muslim on Muslim fighting in Syria is a continued indication of who many of these laws are specifically targeted to attack.http://frontpagemag.com/2013/arnold-ahlert/obamas-billion-dollar-giveaway-to-the-muslim-brotherhood/

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  1. Johnathan Johnson says:

    Re: HR 347
    “Forbids protesters from impeding or disrupting the business of government”

    Howdy Pastor Greg!
    Interesting language above. Lets see if this law will be applied to Code Pink, La Raza or ACT-UP protesters when they interrupt a Congressional hearing taking place.

    Will not hold my breath to find out.


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