What the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and Technocracy have in common Patrick Wood joins Pastor Greg today at 10 AM CST @doug_giles @rushlimbaugh

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“Let me be clear about the intent and scope of this book. My premise is that when it was founded in 1973, the Trilateral Commission quietly adopted a modified version of historic Technocracy to craft what it called a “New International Economic Order.” This has been largely unrecognized even to this day. With the combined weight of the most powerful global elite behind it, Technocracy has flourished in the modern world and has perhaps reached the tipping point of no return. This book will explain Technocracy in detail, demonstrate the methodology that has been used to implement it, document the control over power centers that allowed the methodology to be used, and most importantly, expose the perpetrators who are responsible for it. If the reader does not see the importance of these connections, then neither will he see the economic and political dangers in such things like Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Public-Private Partnerships, Smart Growth, Green Economy, Smart Grid, Common Core education standards, Councils of Governments, etc. The creation of all of these programs will be laid at the feet of the Trilateral Commission, in the name of Technocracy. Indeed, the Trilateral Commission and its members were simultaneously the philosophical creators of modern Technocracy as well as the implementers as they occupied key positions in governments, business and academia since 1973.”

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