Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, intentional attacks from within the church


Here is the link to the article by Jennifer Leclair in Charisma Magazine. I am also going to post a link below to the original article by the individuals who are carrying out this project.
This is a real issue. Have you ever heard the expression, “Wolves in sheeps clothing?” Well believe it or not there is an active project by the same name whose purpose is to infiltrate the church and to sway the sheep or at least cause chaos in their midst. Jennifer has penned an article on the subject and we will reveal the strategy to you. This is Rules for Radicals being played out in the church. It is the formula that the communists used in the eastern block to flush out home churches. It is sick and seditious and it is among us.


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    My response to that article: “So I Thought You Could Discern The Spirits? (A Response To Charisma News)”. http://findingdoubt.com/2013/11/08/so-i-thought-you-could-discern-the-spirits-a-response-to-charisma-news/

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